Core business

Since 1995, ACTIMAGE has been a digital intelligence agency guided by excellence. ACTIMAGE capitalises on twenty years of success in innovation, publishing, development and consulting in information and communication technologies (ICT). The company offers a comprehensive global response to its customers in the following seven areas:

  • digital strategy: consulting services, management assistance, audits;
  • Software as a Service: highly accessible client tailored solutions;
  • web and mobile applications content management, graphic design, e-ergonomics;
  • cloud services: secure telecommunications, networks, hosting;
  • data intelligence: data modelling, learning algorithms, optimised IS;
  • intelligent objects: connected objects, embedded systems, applications;
  • innovation and research: e-health, quantified self, smart-homes.


Products & Services

As an ICT provider dealing with research and innovation, ACTIMAGE has developed a range of products based on its R&D activities:

  • actiHome, “Improve safety and wellness at home”, is a service platform at home for the elderly and people with reduced mobility. It addresses three main axes: security, services provision and adaptability. It provides an innovative way to stay at home, receive the necessary medical support and keep contact with family, friends and caregivers. Thanks to new technologies and predictive algorithms, the system is fully adjustable to user needs and behaviour offering them the maximal comfort;
  • Actelin, “Your diabetes companion”, is a smartphone application for diabetic patients. The application is based on functional insulin therapy and delivers advice following its expert system. Predictive algorithms are based on personal history and personal carbohydrates consumption and physical exercise. To make it possible, a large data base of nutriments and typical physical activities is included in the application;
  • Actinote, “Another way of writing”, is a digital pen to scan your handwritten information and send it from anywhere directly into your information system;
  • ActiBOX, “More than a CMS“, is one of the first management tools, web content 2.0 OpenSource Technologies Ergonomic administration interface;
  • ActiNet, “For a good organisation“, is a collaborative system of management and internal monitoring.

Major health sciences and technologies projects

Since 2001, ACTIMAGE has been actively engaged in innovative activities through a number of European research, development and innovation projects (FP7, AAL, ITEA). The company has been active on topics such as eHealth and SmartHome in cooperation with a number of major European companies and universities. Some examples of its success stories include Guarantee (ITEA 2), Care@Home (AAL) and M3W (AAL). M3W is about monitoring and maintaining the mental wellness of the elderly via a platform of serious games. The goal of Guarantee and Care@home is to improve the home safety allowing elderly to live in a secure environment. It also provides some services in order to improve their wellbeing. Currently, ACTIMAGE is involved in SALIG++ (AAL) and DemWatch (ITEA3) projects that pursue the same objectives by exploring new innovative technologies arriving on the market. For exemple, for SALIG++ it has a partnership with the innovative connected pillbox and implements recent WebRTC technology allowing video communication via browser.

In these projects, ACTIMAGE is in charge of the intelligent system for sensor management and notification, the elaboration of predictive algorithms, the definition of the architecture of the solution, mobile development, smartTV development, serious games platform development and data hosting. ACTIMAGE intervened in the conception of a European platform for a drug traceability system (European Directorate of Quality of Medecines).

ACTIMAGE also works for G.I.E.S (Groupement Informatique de l’Economie Sociale) that was created to address the needs for IT management of several important person services associations. The company is in charge of the centralisation of the G.I.E.S IT infrastructure, including resources management, industrialisation of production methodologies, cost optimisation and compliance with legal requirements about sensitive data.

Technical / technological capabilities

ACTIMAGE’s innovative staff is made up of PhDs in ICT and the medical area, R&D engineers, technical experts in ICT, ergonomists and designers.

ACTIMAGE has expertise in:

  • software development ( Java, J2EE, C#, .NET, Python, etc.);
  • mobile and smartTV development (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, etc.);
  • web and ergonomy (PHP, HTML5, Drupal, etc.); and
  • cloud computing and big data.

Technical means / equipment

ACTIMAGE has its hosting platform and a number of strong references from governmental institutions for IT migration and exploitation. The company offers a very secure platform with high availability. Its teams use the ITIL methodology according to the latest technical standards, a guarantee of quality for this type of services. For some clients, it dedicates a team to take care of their infrastructure. ACTIMAGE also has a goal to provide hosting services for health data that particularly sensitive to the security questions.

As a Microsoft golden partner, ACTIMAGE has privileged access to Microsoft tools and new technologies. Thus, its clients are offered the latest technological advances and it supports them throughout the change and adjustment phase.

Main customers/collaborations

Health — medicinal — social: Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (Ravensburg), C-PAGE (Health Information System, Dijon), Charity Hospital (Berlin), Fraunhofer Institut (Research Organisation, Berlin), Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (Karlsruhe), Groupement Informatique de l’Economie Sociale (Colmar), Agence de la biomédecine (Saint-Denis La Plaine), Université de Médecine Paris 7 Diderot (Paris), CERBA Laboratory (Saint-Ouen), SCHILLER MEDICAL(Wissembourg), Medissimo (Paris), Office d’Hygiene Sociale “OHS” (Lorraine, France).

Institutions: Caisse Nationale de Santé (Luxembourg), Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy, Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Syndicat Intercommunal de Gestion Informatique (Luxembourg), European Directorate of Quality of Medecines (Strasbourg), University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (Luxembourg), Institut Luxembourgeois de la Normalisation, de l’Accréditation, de la Sécurité et qualité des produits et services (Luxembourg).

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