Circular economy

These days, the concept of sustainability is much more than just a slogan. There is an increased awareness that our actions – whether in economic, ecological, or social matters – should be based on improving the quality of life of the current generation without compromising the opportunities of future generations. Industry, trade, construction and services are equally associated with “sustainability”, just as energy, environment and mobility.

The need to turn sustainable concepts into reality confronts our society with new and unforeseen challenges. However, these challenges also provide a chance – a “cradle” for new and innovative solutions.

Circular Economy implies rethinking the entire production cycle. After being used, a product will be transformed into raw material again to be used in another production cycle. The objective is to increase the effectiveness of production processes and to create closed material cycles. The outcome of this integrated concept is the development of new products with high potential for new markets, which ultimately will lead to greater sustainability of our entire economy.

Fit for Circularity Programme

The circular economy is a business model that fosters innovation and that helps companies to grow without consuming additional natural resources. Thus, they become more competitive in a sustainable way. Through the “Fit 4 Circularity” programme we support companies to apply this concept: their growth potential will be identified and evaluated in order to implement a corresponding innovation process.

Commitment of the Luxembourg Government

On December 10th, 2013, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel presented the programme of the newly formed Luxembourg Government.

In this programme, the Government made a commitment to push towards a more circular economy in Luxembourg. The Ministry of the Economy, main stakeholder of the Luxembourg EcoInnovation Cluster, chose the cluster to have a key role in kick-starting the circular economy in Luxembourg. On February 9th, 2015, the Ministry presented the outcome of a study showing the potential for Luxembourg as a knowledge capital and testing ground for circular economy.

Programme gouvernemental

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