University of Luxembourg RU Physics and Materials (soft matter physics)

Core business

  • Experimental soft matter physics, fundamental and applied, with strongly interdisciplinary character.
  • Materials in focus: colloids, liquid crystals, polymer solutions, nanoparticle suspensions.
  • Expertise in polarizing microscopy, ordered fluids and topological defects, physics and chemistry of self-assembly, thermodynamics of phase transitions.

Major material / Production technologies projects

In our applied research we target tomorrow’s soft, flexible, light-weight high-performance and responsive materials, currently with three main foci: wearable technology (sensors, adaptive textiles), soft robotics (soft actuators) and bioinspired nanocomposites (construction by self-assembly).

Technical/technological capabilities

Optical microscopy, microfluidics, electrospinning, ultrasound processing, dielectric spectroscopy.

Main customers/collaborations

Collaborations with universities in Europe, USA, South Korea and Japan, interacting with scientists, artists and architects. Industry collaboration with Merck (UK).

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University of Luxembourg RU Physics and Materials (soft matter physics)

Head of faculty

Paul Heuschling

Creation date


Organisation type

Public Research Organisation




Research Unit Physics and Materials
Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication
6, rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi
L-1359 Luxembourg


Prof. Jan Lagerwall
+352 4666446219

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