For Luxembourg, the diversification of its economy is an everyday challenge.

The space sector is one of the priority sectors that Luxembourg has constantly promoted since its entry into the space business more than 25 years ago. The efforts to put in place the necessary measures to support the continued strengthening of its space sector clearly demonstrate the long-lasting commitment of the Government.

This catalogue of Luxembourg Space Capabilities showcases the capabilities of our national actors and serves as an open invitation to potential international partners to identify and establish successful research and business relationships with these actors. Since its first edition, this directory has revealed the constant expansion and consolidation of the Luxembourg space landscape. Many of the players presented here are not only known beyond the borders of the Grand Duchy, but their capabilities are now recognised by the international space community. Luxembourg will continue deploying the means to expand and consolidate this sector in order to attract new players and develop new activities.

Etienne Schneider
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of the Economy

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Each cluster within the Luxembourg Cluster initiative provides foreign companies that are interested in locating some or all of their activities in Luxembourg with information about their relevent sector. We can advise you on available support measures, assist you in identifying suitable premises and put you in touch with relevant collaboration partners to set up your activities in Luxembourg.

Download the complete catalogue “Luxembourg Space Capabilities” including the competence matrix

Luxembourg Space Capabilities 2018

Luxembourg Space Capabilities 2018 – Competence Matrix

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