Luxembourg has a thriving space industry, currently comprised of 30 companies with an average turnover of approximately 2 Billion euros. Approximately 700 employees work in the aerospace sector in Luxembourg, in research and development, manufacturing and operation.

Yet when one thinks of the vast potential of the burgeoning global space sector, Luxembourg may not immediately come to mind, partly because many people’s notion of the space industry is limited to only space travel and rocket launches when in fact the definition of the space industry is much broader, referring to all activities related to manufacturing components that go into Earth’s orbit or beyond, delivering them to those regions, and the provision of related services.

The Luxembourg Space Cluster acts as a network that brings together renowned and highly specialised companies and public research organisations in order to develop specific technology topics as well as collaborative RDI projects. The cluster focuses on the following thematic areas: Space telecommunications, Global Navigation Satellite System and Location based Applications, Earth observation, Maritime security and safety, Space related technologies.

The Luxembourg Space Cluster works towards raising the visibility of Luxembourg’s space capabilities internationally and promoting synergies and cooperation at a national and international level through collaborative research, development and innovation projects.

In part, thanks to Luxembourg’s highly coordinated system of political leadership, responsive financial support, and a very effective and aligned ecosystem which is able to attract foreign capital, the Luxembourg Space Cluster, managed by Luxinnovation and launched in 2005, has proved a very effective network.

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Official member of the European Space Agency (ESA) since 2005, Luxembourg provides excellent financial, operational and intellectual support and infrastructures in order to help Luxembourg-based companies and research organisations gain access to innovation within the space sector.

Luxinnovation is the national agency for innovation and research. It helps stimulate the competitiveness of the sector, in particular by bringing companies and research laboratories together under the aegis of the Luxembourg Space Cluster.

Luxinnovation also acts on behalf of the Government, representing Luxembourg on the committees in charge of implementing ESA programmes as well as on those leading the space related activities of the EU. Luxinnovation’s role is to promote the interests of national stakeholders, suggest R&D topics of particular relevance to the Luxembourg space sector and facilitate contacts with ESA and European Commission representatives. As a national contact point, the agency provides information and support to those willing to participate in European R&D projects and find suitable partners for developing their space activities

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