Luxembourg entities involved in space activities

Official bodies in charge of relations with ESA

The Ministry of the Economy is in charge of space affairs in Luxembourg. The Ministry:

  • defines the National Space Policy on the basis of industry and public research capabilities and objectives, as well as on the long-term perspectives of the sector,
  • manages relationship with the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Union and space agencies worldwide,
  • is responsible for all financial, political and programme matters related to ESA activities. In this role, the Ministry opens programme lines and supports the set-up of projects.

Luxinnovation is mandated by the Ministry of the Economy to represent Luxembourg interests in the ESA and European Commission (EC) committees.

Luxinnovation is also the Luxembourg Point of Contact for space matters. As such, it provides companies and research organisations with information on how ESA and the EC operate and on various approaches to be adopted according to the different programmes. Luxinnovation offers advice and support to entrepreneurs and researchers who wish to work with ESA and the EC.

Luxinnovation also advices companies wishing to come to Luxembourg to set-up their entity.


Private and public actors in the space sector

Around 30 companies and 2 public research organisations in Luxembourg are involved in space activities for a total headcount of about 700 people.

The Luxembourg Space Cluster, which is managed by Luxinnovation, is a network that supports the private and public actors of the space sector in Luxembourg. Its objectives are to make Luxembourg space capabilities known on the international scene and to promote synergies and cooperation at national and international level through collaborative research, development and innovation projects.

GLAE (Groupement Luxembourgeois de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace) was established following Luxembourg’s accession to ESA. GLAE’s objectives are to provide a permanent link between its members, advise them and defend their shared professional, economic and social interests at national and international level. GLAE is a partner of the Government for addressing all questions in relation to initiatives taken by the authorities and the establishment of a Luxembourg space policy.

Both the Luxembourg Space Cluster and GLAE operate in total synergy and complementarity.
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