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Since 2005, when Luxembourg officially became a member state of ESA, the space policy of Luxembourg’s Government has been supporting the diversification of space activities and their positive impact on many other economic sectors (materials, ICT, environmental technologies, etc.). It is clear that research and technological development in space constitute a huge strategic challenge. In Luxembourg, most of the specialised players of the space sector know each other, but it is of utter importance to showcase Luxembourg’s space sector on the international scene.

The catalogue of competences, skills, products and services presents the capabilities of the private and public entities with their multicultural work force which are active in Luxembourg’s space sector and contribute to its dynamism.

Due to a lack of visibility or information, Luxembourg does not easily come to mind when thinking about space technologies. This is unfortunate, since the country has many high-quality researchers and entrepreneurs in this field. This catalogue lists all companies and public research organisations by their respective fields of activity.

As Chairman of the Luxembourg Space Cluster, I strongly support this initiative which helps to deploy the know-how “made in Luxembourg” beyond its national borders. This catalogue is a very useful instrument to spur international collaboration.

Bilateral or multilateral cooperation, bringing together physical means, energies or brain power, must remain a main focus of Luxembourg’s space policy.


President of the Luxembourg Space Cluster and the GLAE
(Groupement Luxembourgeois de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace)

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