Planetary Resources

Core business

Planetary Resources Luxembourg is part of the Planetary Resources Inc. group of companies. Planetary Resources is the current global leader in asteroid prospecting. The group has significant experience in the engineering of space systems from cradle to grave and established expertise in critical space system functions in the global team. Planetary Resources is a supplier of resources, services and systems in space and has the current near-term goal of identification, extraction and refinement of water from near-Earth asteroids.


Products and services

Asteroid prospecting and associated spacecraft instruments and sub-systems.

Major space projects

Arkyd 3 (A3) deployed into low-Earth orbit in July 2015 and successfully completed its mission to test our core prospecting capabilities.

Arkyd-6, our latest iteration of spacecraft, includes the first-ever commercial mid-wavelength infrared sensor for space-based observations. We’ve built two of these spacecraft with launch dates scheduled in 2017.

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Planetary Resources


Peter Marquez, General Manager

Ben Baseley-Walker, Senior Director for Global Engagement

Creation date

2016 in Luxembourg, 2009 globally

Organisation type



Total: 70 worldwide


Planetary Resources
25, Rue Jean-Pierre Brasseur
L-1258 Luxembourg


Ben Baseley-Walker
Tel: +352 621 480 541

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