Innovation is a central issue in economic prosperity.

Luxinnovation, the national agency for innovation and research, contributes to the economic development of Luxembourg by fostering innovation, fuelling international growth and attracting foreign direct investment. We are a key and trusted partner for those who are interested in – and committed to – launching successful innovative activities in Luxembourg, from entrepreneurs, managers of start-up companies and researchers to foreign enterprises and investors.  This we do by proposing an extensive range of high-value, complimentary services to companies of any size and by driving major cooperation projects in partnership with research & technology organisations, including:

  • Advice on national and European funding opportunities
  • Support for innovative start-ups
  • Innovation management and creativity
  • The Luxembourg Cluster Initiative

The Luxembourg cluster activities and support services are managed by Luxinnovation. A dedicated cluster management team is in charge of the daily operational tasks for each cluster, dealing with the implementation of the cluster strategy and the cluster action plan. The initiative fosters innovation, business development and cross-sector cooperation. Helping to facilitate research collaborations and offering access to expertise, larger customer bases and national and international markets, the goal of the initiative is to strengthen the competitiveness of the cluster members and, ultimately to have a positive impact on the national economy.

What is a cluster?

In simple terms, business/industry clusters are geographical concentrations of interconnected companies, research institutions, service providers and associated institutions in a particular field of interest. The cluster initiative concept is based on the notion that the total is greater than the sum of the individual parts. By locating close to one another, businesses are able to acquire information, and communicate and share input (and even resources) in such a way as to add to a collective advantage that could not otherwise be achieved alone. Individual companies and organisations in a cluster can access knowledge, networks, equipment and infrastructures more easily. Clusters serve as a common platform for promotion and thus increase the visibility of their members both nationally and internationally.

For Luxinnovation, a business or industry cluster is different from a business or industry sector because a cluster represents the entire value chain of an industry from suppliers to end producers, including support services and specialised infrastructure, private and public players.

Turning innovation into business

In fairly recent times, Luxembourg was most well known as a financial centre. This is changing rapidly however – a change brought on by much foresight and a long-term strategy that is driving this progress. In fact, Luxembourg has had strong assets in a number of industrial and technological sectors for quite some time.

Luxinnovation’s main cluster activities include:

  • Support for innovations, start-ups and scale-ups
  • Intensified product development
  • Sustainable business development
  • Internationalisation, or the promotion of Luxembourg to foreign investors as a place to do business as well as the promotion of Luxembourg’s cross border trade.
  • Sector targeted branding

The clusters focus on key technologies expected to play a major role in the sustainable development of the Luxembourg economy:

  • Luxembourg Automobility Cluster
  • Luxembourg BioHealth Cluster
  • Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster
  • Luxembourg EcoInnovation Cluster
  • Luxembourg ICT Cluster
  • Luxembourg Materials & Manufacturing Cluster
  • Luxembourg Wood Cluster

Luxinnovation also actively supports the Cluster for Logistics and the Luxembourg Maritime Cluster.

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