The Luxembourg BioHealth Cluster, managed by Luxinnovation, fosters innovation, business development and cross-sector cooperation by leveraging the development of a relatively new branch of the Luxembourg economy, the Health Sciences and Technologies (Life Sciences) sector.

The main focus is personalised medicine, an area in which Luxembourg has identified niche areas of expertise where the country has strong potential to be competitive at a global level: digital health, neurodegenerative diseases, molecular diagnostics and immune-oncology

The Luxembourg BioHealth Cluster

The Luxembourg BioHealth Cluster, managed by Luxinnovation, is a young emerging cluster aimed at reinforcing and capitalising on Luxembourg’s national strategy to achieve scientific excellence in molecular diagnostics, the cornerstone of personalised medicine, and enhancing Luxembourg’s reputation as a recognised and attractive environment for biomedical research, development, innovation (RDI) and business. Despite its youth, Luxembourg has built a very strong and ambitious biohealth community since 2006 that is open, reliable and diverse.

Luxembourg has a young and ambitious BioHealth and Life Sciences community, which has identified four aspects of personalised medicine where the country has significant potential: digital health, neurodegenerative diseases, molecular diagnostics and immune-oncology.

The Luxembourg BioHealth Cluster brings together actors in the field of health sciences and technologies: public research organisations, private companies and specialised service providers to foster innovation, business development and cross-sector cooperation.

As an emerging cluster, our main goal is to help build a successful ecosystem that will attract and retain life sciences companies and laboratories that are active in the biomedical field and more particularly in molecular diagnostics, thus contributing to further innovation and economic performance in Luxembourg. We do this in part by raising awareness of the flexible and supportive atmosphere for companies and researchers in Luxembourg.

Our role is to support the community, help members find new opportunities for advancement here in Luxembourg and abroad, and work with our members to articulate their needs and the challenges they face to the government at a national level. It is in this role as liaison, that we stand out from other countries and can have a profound effect on the members of our community because we have excellent, direct and quick access to key stakeholders in our government. We also receive a high degree of support from policy makers who are very open to the industry’s concerns and suggestions, one of the prime advantages of the size of our country.

The BioHealth Cluster  also includes strategic partners such as the Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Ministry of Health and the National Research Fund. The Cluster is managed by Luxinnovation, the National Agency for Innovation and Research.

The activities of the Luxembourg BioHealth Cluster are therefore articulated around the following main objectives:

  • Bring together private and public actors to create mutual trust and encourage the establishment of partnerships and collaborations
  • Support cluster members in their daily R&D, innovation and business challenge
  • Enhance members’ international visibility and attractiveness
  • Extend the reach of the cluster beyond national borders in order to identify new potential R&D and innovation partners
  • Contribute to the development of a supportive national environment able to attract and retain biotech companies and high-level researchers in order to attain scientific excellence in biomedical research

Are you interested in Luxembourg?

Each cluster within the Luxembourg Cluster initiative provides foreign companies that are interested in locating some or all of their activities in Luxembourg with information about their relevent sector. We can advise you on available support measures, assist you in identifying suitable premises and put you in touch with relevant collaboration partners to set up your activities in Luxembourg.

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