The Luxembourg EcoInnovation Cluster, managed by Luxinnovation, is an active network that brings together and supports various players of the Cleantech (clean technologies) sector in Luxembourg.

Dedicated to promoting the concept of a circular economy in Luxembourg, the cluster strives to create and develop new and sustainable business opportunities through collaborative R&D and innovation projects.

The Luxembourg EcoInnovation Cluster

The Luxembourg EcoInnovation Cluster, managed by Luxinnovation, works hard to enhance the fields of energy, environment and sustainable development in Luxembourg. The Cluster focuses on the following three topics: Circular Economy, Mobility, Sustainable Cities and Smart Technologies. The Luxembourg Government considers these topics important for the future development of the economy. In addition to the Cluster activities, the government continues its efforts to support SMEs to better access innovation and research and to be involved in flagship projects in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. The general leitmotif of the Cluster’s actions is to identify the strengths and opportunities of the sector, to connect the different actors and to realise collaborative projects, R&D and innovation projects.

Numerous companies within the clean technologies industry have chosen Luxembourg for their operations or transfer activities here because of our global connections, pioneering partnerships with research facilities, advantageous financial incentives and excellent support structure.

The government’s willingness to focus on and support the Luxembourg cleantech sector has been confirmed even during the financial crisis. In a strategic background paper, the government has identified excellent potential in the fields of:

  • Rational use of natural resources; and
  • Innovative materials.

In addition, a whole environment has been built up in order to allow companies to benefit from public research. Two public research organisations have been created with special focus on the two main priorities mentioned above and Luxembourg, unlike many EU nations, has maintained its financial commitment to research, annually investing approximately 1.6% of its GDP.


Are you interested in Luxembourg?

Each cluster within the Luxembourg Cluster initiative provides foreign companies that are interested in locating some or all of their activities in Luxembourg with information about their relevent sector . We can advise you on available support measures, assist you in identifying suitable premises and put you in touch with relevant collaboration partners to set up your activities in Luxembourg.


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