Core business

Founded in 2015, Ainos specializes in SharePoint, .NET, and Business Intelligence domains. The evolution of the market in Luxembourg allows Ainos today to offer a real and new dynamic. Indeed, the Luxembourgish companies are trying to start their transformation and maintain or improve their competitive position knowing that all companies must design a digital strategy tailored to their core business. The role of Ainos is to understand the needs of the market in order to propose efficient, fast and innovative solutions, for example to create an application for internal use, applications for end customers or services intended for B2B partners. Ainos supports its customers throughout their digital transformation by providing them with strategic advice and technical support during each phase of the project.

Products and services

  • Development (Mobile, desktop, web, bots)
  • Data Platform (SQL Server, Business Intelligence)
  • Collaboration & Productivity
  • Cloud Computing
  • Agile Coaching

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