Manufacturing in Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s strong track record in the manufacture and processing of many types of innovative materials is well proven. Many internationally renowned companies have been located in Luxembourg for many years. Such materials include, for example, plastics & polymers, metals, composites, minerals, glass, wood and paper, which are produced in support of many other business sectors.

The automotive industry, as a prime example, recognises Luxembourg as a key location for first and second tier suppliers. Luxembourg is also known for being an innovative technology base for the iron & steel industry, the non-ferrous products sector, plastics and, in a broader sense, the chemical industry, the glass and cement industries as well as the high-tech construction sector, which is another thriving pillar of Luxembourg’s economic landscape.

What we offer…

The Luxembourg Materials and Manufacturing Cluster provides access to a dynamic network of companies and public research organisations and offers a personalised portfolio of support services adapted to the specific innovation requirements of its members.

Platforms for networking and exchange:

  • Share knowledge and experiences from companies and public research organisations
  • Develop collaborative R&D and innovation projects on national and international level
  • Participate in international fairs and brokerage events Set of specialised support services:
  • Access to practical and technical information related to specific questions on Materials and Production Technologies
  • Advice on national and European funding opportunities for materials related R&D and innovation projects • Value-added information on emerging technologies and markets

Major companies specialising in Materials and Production Technologies have set up important R&D centres in Luxembourg, whose activities are complemented by several public research organisations.

One important entity is the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), which is an RTO (Research and Technology Organisation) active in the fields of materials, environment, and IT.

LIST’s Materials Research and Technology (MRT) department catalyses the translation of cutting-edge research on smart materials towards industrial innovation.

Their focus is on two Key Enabling Technologies (KETs):  nanomaterials and nanotechnology, and composite materials.

They also have a technology line dedicated to “Advanced Instrumentation for Ion Nano-Analytics”.

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