Core business

Spire is a next generation data and predictive analytics company that collects data from space to solve problems on Earth. Spire identifies, tracks and predicts the movement of the world’s resources and weather systems. Using its constantly improving global constellation of RF listening satellites and predictive analytics capability, Spire helps businesses and governments decide, with increasing certainty, what to do next in a rapidly changing world.


Products & services

Spire has four main product lines:

Spire Sense provides insight into the ever changing scale, composition, flow and speed of ships in the world’s oceans, rivers, and ports.

Spire Stratos provides a cost effective, global weather data feed to augment existing data and improve the accuracy of current forecast models.

Spire AirSafe optimises management of the skies – for safety, profitability and environmental conservation, by identifying, tracking and predicting the global movement of aircraft.

Spire’s Space as a Service offers organisations and governments the unique opportunity to rapidly deploy custom RF listening sensors, with a global footprint, in mere months.

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Technical / technological capabilities

In three short years from the first launch, Spire has built the world’s largest active constellation of RF (Radio Frequency) listening satellites. With ship tracking (AIS), aircraft tracking (ADS-B), global/local weather forecasting and custom RF listening products, Spire enables decision makers to continuously optimise strategic and tactical decisions about what to do next.

Spire’s satellite network is equally matched by the world’s largest LEO ground station network. By harnessing the exponential impact of technology, Spire can reliably and relentlessly grow the might of its global data collection and analytics capability faster than anyone else. This enables it to rapidly deploy custom products that have never been in space before, at low cost, just months after they are conceived.

Main customers / collaborations

Spire’s customers range from small logistics analytics companies to large enterprises and governments.

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Peter Platzer

Creation date

2012 (San Francisco, California, USA)2018 (Luxembourg)


Total: 5 in Luxembourg (March 2018) – 150 in totalSpace: 5, with 9 open positions (March 2018)

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33, rue Sainte Zithe
L-2763 Luxembourg


Merima Muhovic
+352 285 5031

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