Aistech Space

Aistech Space

Core business

Aistech Space is a global space Big Data company whose objective is to provide a new concept of integrated value information though massive data management. The company is operating a disruptive concept of satellite constellation, providing decision makers in companies, governments and other organisations with a new point of view of the Earth in order to contribute to improving the decision-taking processes. Driven by the mission to improve the quality of life on Earth, the purpose of Aistech Space is to play a relevant role to make the world a better place to live.

Products & services

Aistech Space is focused on offering three different services:

  1. Data providing

    • Aircraft tracking: position and monitoring data
    • Space images

  2. Data management and information services

    • Data analytics
    • Data integration
    • Space big data management

  3. Remote asset management

    • Communication services and infrastructure
    • M2M services
    • Asset control and monitoring
    • Integrated systems for remote control and asset management

Major Space Catalogue projects

The company will have a constellation of more than 300 satellites in 2022. This will enable Aistech Space to provide high-quality space data which is affordable, accessible, reliable and recurrent. Aistech Space is designing its own satellites to ensure a high performance and be able to provide the best service to customers with the constellation. In addition to the satellite platform, Aistech Space has also developed its own multispectral space telescope and bi-directional communication system. Since its creation, Aistech Space has been supported by the European Space Agency in its work to democratise space.


Technical / technological capabilities

  • Two ground stations
  • Clean room
  • Electronic lab
  • Satellite simulation & design software

Main customers / collaborations

Global companies

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Carles Franquesa and Guillermo Valenzuela

Creation date



Total: 17 (in the group)
Space: 17 (in the group)

Organisation type



2017 : Space: €49.000 (in the group)

R&D investments

2017 : €3.5 M (in the group)



Aistech Space
9, Avenue des Hauts-Fourneaux
L-4362 Esch-sur-Alzette



Carles Franquesa

Aistech Team 7 - Des 2017

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