Imagination Factory Lux

Imagination Factory Lux

Core business

We are a Multimedia Service Company having, in the broadest sense, any interest whatsoever in electronic media and the development of communication technology. Our aim is to be predominantly active in the communications area and to invest, directly or indirectly, in other companies that are actively involved in the dynamic industry of communication and multimedia applications.

We conduct research & developmental activities into potential expansion and development opportunities in the field of communication technology applied to multimedia applications and in auxiliary services.

We are headquartered in Luxembourg and operate worldwide through dedicated regional teams or qualified Business Partner.


Products & services

U Learning, a new generation software/hardware platform that enables an enhanced, participative learning experience combining together physical and digital presence.

U Learning enables active participation versus a passive presence taking remote learning to a new degree and enabling a rich learning experience for all those students that, for logistic reasons, have no direct access to the physical facilities.

The main components of the product are:

  • touch interfaces, interactive walls, tables and tablets devices;
  • blended context and adaptability;
  • content creation and distribution.

Among these fields of application, here are some examples:

  • school, primary and secondary
  • university
  • corporate training

Major Space Catalogue projects

U learning enables the collaboration between remote students and classrooms using a dedicated satellite layer which takes care of seamless content synchronization and live experience management.


Technical / technological capabilities

  • Strong technical background in telecommunications
  • Operating through first class worldwide cloud infrastructures
  • Specialized in the design and deployment of complex projects
  • Specific competence in high level software design and implementation (Oracle, Java, XML, Web Services)

Main customers / collaborations

  • European Space Agency (ESA)
  • Glasgow School of Art (GSA)
  • Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

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Federico Masier

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Federico Masier
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