Core business

EmTroniX is a dynamic Luxemburgish company providing technological expertise, engineering design, prototyping and production services in advanced electronics and embedded software to customers involved in the most demanding technological fields such as Space, Aeronautics and Automotive. EmTroniX engineers gather an extensive and exclusive experience in the latest and most advanced technologies. Using only state-of-the-art development tools, they are able to offer the most objective and cost-effective solutions to all customer technological needs.

EmTroniX offers the significant advantage of having in-house all the skills, tools and experience required to handle all the different technical aspects of engineering development projects.

We are very proud of having been active participants in the development of the first Luxembourgish S-AIS receiver embarked on both LEO satellites and the ISS. EmTroniX is currently developing a high-performance FPGA-based combined ADS-B / AIS receiver for terrestrial and space applications and a Proximity-1 SDR autonomous receiver.

Products & services

  • Custom FPGA-based system developments: design, implementation, IP coding
  • VHDL development and simulation
  • In-house printed circuit board, CAD design, production, assembly and validation
  • Analogue / low-voltage / high-power electronics design
  • RF electronics, RF receivers and transmitters (up to S-Band) design
  • Advanced signal processing / Software Defined Radio / Real-time embedded software generation / system modelling using rapid prototyping / optimized auto coding

Major Space Catalogue projects

  • ADSB Digital Receiver (SABIP)
    Multi-Channel FPGA Based ADS-B receiver

  • Software Defined Radio development board
    Mars-Orbiter autonomous telecommunication HUB (automatic signal modulation, frequency and baud-rate detection). Work: algorithm development and FPGA implementation, hardware prototype, test benchVersatile Space SDR implementing a VIRTEX 5Q + SRAM/QDRII/DDR2/NOR/ NAND space memories, Actel ProAsic & ATMEL ATF280F

  • AIS payload (PathFinder 2)
    TRANSCEIVER: AIS RF receiver and processing (HW/SW), BPSK downlink emitter (modulator and RF up converter & pre-amplifier)OBC INTERFACE & BATTERIES PROTECTION: Solar panel power tracker, antenna deployment, OBC & interface power supplies, A to D interfaces

  • 4M (Manfred Memorial Moon Mission) or Lunar Pathfinder (OHB)
    First commercial demonstration satellite orbiting the Moon. Work: OBC interface, RF modulator, battery protection, harnesses & full satellite integration

    DESIGN & IMPLEMENTATION OF THE COLUMBUS AIS RECEIVER: AIS RF receiver and processing (HW/SW), FPGA (Synthesised processor, Custom IP, Digital Signal Processing) & mechanics

  • VesselSat (2 satellites – Orbcomm)
    Dual chain AIS RECEIVER PAYLOAD, Tele-command Receiver GPS module integrationBUS INTERFACE BOARD: Magnetorquer control electronics, magnetometers, gyroscopes, A/D interfaces, payload remote enable, antenna deployment, power electronicSUN SENSOR: 3-Axis Solar position sensors

  • Multi-beam GNSS receiver
    Synchronous multi-channels GPS receiver


Technical / technological capabilities

  • Network Analyzer (3GHz & 6GHz)
  • S-Parameter Test Set (3GHz & 6GHz)
  • Spectrum & Signal Analyser (1.8GHz & 7GHz)
  • High Speed DSO (4CH – 20 G s/s 6 GHz)
  • Noise source
  • Multi Channels Electronics Load
  • Battery Simulator (5A, 20V)
  • RF Generators (3GHz) with I/Q arbitrary generator

Main customers / collaborations

Automotive component manufacturers and research institutions, aeronautic development industry, space system developers / integrators (ESA, LuxSpace, Thales Alenia Space Deutschland, SES-TechCom, QinetiQ).


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Cédric Lorant
Henri Du Faux

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Space: 8

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2016 : Total: €490,000
Space: €211,000


150, rue de Niederkorn
L-4991 Sanem


Cédric Lorant
Tel: +352 26 58 17 50
Fax: +352 26 58 17 51

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