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Core business

Within the University of Luxembourg, a leading institution of advanced research and higher education, the Research Unit in Engineering Science (RUES) – covering civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as geophysics – recognises the socio-economic needs and challenges of both society and industry. To address these, the research unit has committed itself to becoming the Greater Region’s education and research leader as well as a global player in its core research areas. A special focus will be placed on energy, environment and sustainable growth, contributing to, among other things, the European Strategic Technology Plan and the European Union’s emphasis on creating an Innovation Union in Europe. The aim is to provide an innovation-driven research environment and to seamlessly integrate research and education to form future leaders and critical thinkers.

Our research activities can be organised in three main areas:

  • Construction and Design: research into civil and mechanical engineering structures, fatigue behaviour, dynamic testing methods and development processes
  • Energy and Environment: research into energy efficiency of buildings, energy consumption and renewable energies
  • Automation and Mechatronics: research into mechatronic systems, dynamics of electromechanical systems

The majority of projects have an applied as well as a fundamental character and are executed in close collaboration with industry. The focus can be on the technology, or on the process of its development, simulation and validation.

All research activities are integrated into a network of national, regional and international public and private research institutions.

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Products & services

  • Satellite control
  • Space robotics
  • Improvement of development processes
  • Dynamics of mechanical structures
  • Energy consumption
  • Communication

Major Space Catalogue projects

Galileo: DMGA (Dynamic Modeling of Ground Antennas)

The goal of the DMGA project is to obtain a very accurate and optimised static and dynamic model of large satellite ground antennas including the closed loop full motion control by integrating modern computation tools like CAD, FEM analysis, Multi-body systems and regulation simulation software. The simulation models are validated by measurements on the real antenna on site.

Satellite Control: research is carried out in the area of modelling and advanced control of satellites, especially attitude and orbit control systems, with a special focus on micro satellites.

Space Robotics: modelling, simulation and control of robotic manipulators for spacecraft and satellites. Applications are in the area of space debris removal and on orbit servicing.

Further research is carried out in the area of systems engineering and the improvement of development processes for micro satellites.

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Main customers / collaborations

EURO-COMPOSITES, HITEC Luxembourg, DKE Aerospace, Goodyear, ISS, Husky, IEE, Delphi

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