HITEC Luxembourg

HITEC Luxembourg

Core business

HITEC Luxembourg S.A., a 100%-owned Luxembourg company, has developed its business activities in the field of innovative and quality products and services. Quality management and assurance, corporate social responsibility and environmental friendly business are the basis for sustainable growth and long-term partnerships with our stakeholders.

The company offers, among others, satellite ground segment technology as well as innovative satellite based products and ICT services to support public safety services in case of crisis or disasters. Our range of Limited Motion (LM) and Full Motion (FM) high end antenna systems, operating in various frequency ranges and supporting institutional and commercial satellites, is complemented by our performing antenna components such as antenna control units (HACU®) and servo control units (HSCU™). The company’s services include project management, design, engineering, integration, installation, commissioning and maintenance of full antenna systems or antenna components.

Products & services

In the space business, the main products and services are:


  • Ground Station Antennas, Limited and Full Motion, ranging from 3 to 18 meters in diameter and covering frequencies from L-to Ka-band (TT&C, Uplink, Data Acquisition, IOT) in particular 6m and 9m Limited Motion in Ka-Ku Band and X-Band. Including subsystems options (e.g HVAC, De-Icing, etc.).

  • Nomadic Satellite Communication Systems: NoSaCo® Rapid and NoSaCo® Rack
  • Mission Critical Information Management solutions for defence, emergency and humanitarian markets
  • Antenna Components: HACU® Antenna Control Units (Program, Step, Mono-pulse Track), HSCU™ Servo Control Unit


  • Antenna relocation, upgrading & maintenance
  • Project management and coordination
  • Quality assurance and RAMS analysis
  • Customer specific design, simulation and manufacturing
  • Commissioning and training
  • Development of Mission Critical Information Management solutions (cloud services – “Cloudification”, big data)
  • Integration of innovative network solutions and mixed collecting infrastructure (Internet of Things, Earth Observation, etc.)


Major Space Catalogue projects

Satellite Ground Station Antennas

  • SES-AS09: 6 LMAs (9 m) in Ku-band for TT&C and Uplink
  • GALILEO IOV: 2 FMAs in S-band (13 m) for TT&C and a FMA in C-band (3.6m) for IOT

  • VINASAT: 2 LMAs in C-band (13.5 m) for TT&C
  • DLR IOT: FMA in Ka-band (13 m) for IOT
  • ESA ACU: Antenna Control Systems (Program, Step, Monopulse Track)
  • EDRS: 4 LMAs in Ka-band (6.8 m) for TT&C and data downlink
  • ESA GSTP: Design study for a 3-axis FMA in S-/K-band (14 m) for Earth Observation
  • Defence Project: 1 LMA in Ka-Band (6.8m) and 1 LMA in X-band (9m)
  • SSA NEO: Feasibility study of telescope design for Near Earth Objects

Satellite-based ICT solutions

  • emergency.lu: Deployment of worldwide available Rapid response solution for humanitarian aid and disaster relief, integrating, among other solutions NoSaCo® and DISP®
  • SASISA: Small-Aircraft Service For Instant Situational Awareness
  • Service to provide a rapid mapping solution based on small observation



Main customers / collaborations

European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry, DG Research and Innovation), ESA, DLR, Luxembourg Government, Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (URSZR), Civil Protection of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (PCRAFVG), Protection Civile Luxembourg, SES, SES Engineering, SES TechCom Services, Inmarsat, Lockheed Martin, POST Group

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Yves Elsen
Managing Partner and CEO
Philippe Osch

Creation date



Total: 47
Space: 15

Organisation type


Certifications & qualifications

ISO 9001
TUV Saarland
INDR ESR label for CSR
SuperDrecksKëscht fir Betriber (in accordance with ISO 14024)


HITEC Luxembourg S.A.
5, rue de l’église
L-1458 Luxembourg


Philippe Osch
Tel: +352 49 84 78 1
Fax: +352 40 13 03

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