Core business

We host space derived technologies and solutions to protect vital distributed and interconnected critical infrastructures such as Fintech and Insurtech against cyber threats. Our applied cybersecurity solutions are preventive (as opposed to detective) and can be retrofitted in a modular and by a step-by-step approach.

The geo-technologies are known under the IPAYMO name whilst the solutions based on such technologies are branded ENSURLY. ENSURLY encompasses the complete financial, operational and administrative value chain of the enterprise.

Products & services

Our innovative suite of products uses proprietary in-house developed methods and methodologies which are patented (and partly pending). The geo-technologies were developed during a two year incubation stage as part of the ESA Technology and Transfer Programme with the assistance of industry, research centres and universities.

The solutions use a geo-contextual constraints based security model to improve the user identification and the transaction origin to improve the security of digital systems and their users. By applying our geo-matching, geo-dependency and geo-authenticity algorithms we are able to impose restrictions on requests enabling to determine their fraudulent nature, while using Artificial Intelligence and mobility data we are capable to predict fraud attempts.

Target market

The market for cyber security solutions is very large but also very fragmented with many providers offering security services. However there is no end-to-end preventive solution on offer that protects mobile and/or office users and/or remote systems alike.

Customer benefits

Our solution is uniquely capable to effectively fight the cyber threats as it identifies at the request level whether it is legitimate or not thus preventing cyber losses and damages. Using geo-contextual information to establish the legitimacy makes ENSURLY unrivalled in the cyber solution markets. No competing service offers the same level of versatility and quality of protection.

Benefits comprise, but are not excluded to:

  • no need for complicated passwords
  • no separate transaction dongles needed
  • no biometric verification needed

Major Space Catalogue projects

We are spin-off from the ESA Technology Transfer Programme. Our core expertise and knowledge is bundled in proprietary Intellectual Property in the area of GNSS based authentication, GNSS integrity and reliability as well as indoor localisation using navigation signals with the assistance of remote sensing data.


Technical / technological capabilities

We deploy satellite navigation and remote sensing technologies to enable cyber solutions for the public and private sector. In addition we apply AI and data mining applications.

Main customers / collaborations

Our target customers are all enterprises and organisations that use digital applications as part of their value chain and/or eco-system.

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