Core business

Intorel is a world class developer of advanced monitoring and control solutions for satellite operators, broadcasters, telecom and other industries.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, Intorel conducts business worldwide. Our solutions have been used by the most distinguished companies, across 6 continents in more than 800 systems.

The company’s wide range of products can be used for any industrial application that requires reliability, automation and advanced features, regardless of type or size of the organization.

So far, our solutions have been used for monitoring and controlling satellite Earth stations, sat-com systems, TT&C stations, broadcast stations and other satellite-related systems.

Intorel is committed to assisting customers worldwide with their distinctive needs by providing them with comprehensive, trustworthy systems and professional, personal service. Its focus is on maximizing value for clients by creating and offering innovative, carefully customized solutions and creating personalized long-term relationships with them.

Products & services

Satellite Industry

Intorel’s solutions have been carefully tailored to cater any sat-system imaginable. They offer convenient and easy ways to observe remote or in-house equipment, manage the satellite data transmissions, gather data, receive alarms and notifications, collect extensive reports, charts and be sure that the signal is delivered as clear and properly relayed.

Our suite of products can be used for a wide range of purposes (uplink rain fade, spectrum analyzer, etc.) and can cater for an organization of any size and complexity, as well as manage remote sites and portable terminals.

Satellite operators and service providers are using Visionic for:

  • Uplink / Downlink (TV, RADIO and DATA) stations
  • TT&C stations
  • DSNG Systems (Vans, Truck & others)
  • VSATs Systems typically including SSPAs, Block Up-converters, Satellite Modems, etc.
  • DVB-T encoding and multiplexing Headends for Digital TV stations
  • DVB-T encoding and multiplexing Headends for Digital TV stations

Broadcast Industry

Intorel’s Visionic based solution has been judiciously developed for broadcast systems, as it offers a broad range of professional solutions for measuring, monitoring and controlling DVB signals and IP equipment. It autonomously monitors everything sent and received, regarding any specific needs.

Visionic broadcast solution has been developed to ensure centralized access to every broadcasting facility and to provide detailed, in-depth analysis of every aspect of digital video broadcast.

Visionic is being used by broadcast operators and service providers for:

  • Fixed and Mobile Microwave Links for Broadcasting
  • DVB-T Encoding & Multiplexing Headends

Telco and IP Industry

Our solutions are tailored to provide all the necessary tools for telecom industry and allow them to provide any kind of telecommunications services from telephony to data communications, mobile network operations and Internet services. Visionic is being used by telecom, IP operators and service providers to manage:

  • Fiber optic systems in the L-and IF-Band
  • Security Surveillance
  • Network Storage
  • ATM/SDH/PDH/IP transport networks
  • IPTV Headends and other areas of Telco and IP industry

Other Industries

Intorel products can be employed for a wide range of different purposes. UPS systems, manufacturing, chemical, oil and gas, food and agro industry, transport, education and healthcare are only a handful of those where Visionic solution can be applied and improve the client’s efficiency.

Training and Services

Intorel’s service teams provide project management, systems integration, software development and support, to ensure that customers are provided with a solution that delivers results.

  • On-Site Consultancy – full on-site audit conducted by an Intorel support service engineer
  • Preventive Maintenance – periodic system audits, essential to keep the client’s system healthy and fully optimized
  • Training Services – onsite training day for operators where the attendees will learn how to operate and maintain a typical Visionic system

Major Space Catalogue projects

  • EGNOS – European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service
  • VINASAT – 2 LMAs in C-band (13.5 m) for TT&C
  • TRUST – Transportable BSS Uplink Station

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Main customers / collaborations

BFM TV, Orange, Afinis, Telekom Malaysia, NATO, European Parliament, SES, Telenor, Deutsche-Welle, Globecast, Cologne Broadcasting Center, Canal+, Chel- loMedia / LibertyMedia, Al-Jazeera, Digiturk, ZeeTV, etc.

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2013 : Total: €700,000

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2013 : €125,000


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