itrust consulting

itrust consulting

Core business

itrust consulting s.à r.l., a 10-years-old, recognised actor in Luxembourg’s and Europe’s Information Security field, consults its customers coming from public, financial, and private sector to protect their information against divulgation, manipulations and unavailability. The company acquires know-how in engineering and sciences, enabling it to find the economically appropriate solution for a specific security requirement. It applies and develops research projects, norms, security controls and information processing techniques, covering topics such as information security management systems, risk management, business continuity management, incident management, digital signature, cryptology, network security, internet security, critical infrastructure protection, space, computer forensic, etc.

Products & services

Consulting services, sourcing and innovation studies

Management and guidance of security projects. Critical Infrastructure protection. Technology integration and assistance (PKI, VoIP, virtualisation, etc.). Risk analysis (TRICK Service™). Forensic and malware analysis. Personal data protection, Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA) following GDPR. Assistance to CISO and Data Privacy officer. Managerial monitoring of security issues. Incident response team.


Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment of hardware (network, server mobile devices, smart cards, firmware), software, web applications, and access security.

Organisational audit

ISO 2700x. ISO 20000. ISO 27799. IEC 62443. Business referentials (PSF, PSDC).

Legal referential (EU directives, grand-ducal regulations, CSSF). Protection of personal data (CNPD).

Technical audit

Code review (OWASP, SANS, etc.). Equipment configuration review. Critical Infrastructure, SCADA. Wireless infrastructure. Data Protection. PCI-DSS. ISO 15408 (Common Criteria). CSSF Compliance. EuroPriSe. CNPD compliance.

Elaboration of security tools & services

LASP: provide assurance to location services that locations indicated are trustworthy. TRICK Service™ (risk assessment). TRICK Cockpit (real-time risk monitoring).

Training services

PSI-LU pour services essentielles, Certified ISMS Lead Auditor ISO 27001, Risk Manager - certified for EIVP, Certified Lead Implementer ISO 27001, ISO 270xx workshop, PSDC - eArchiving, GDPR - Data Privacy, PIA - Privacy Impact Assessment, Penetration testing pour RSSI, Security awareness 4 your employees, etc.

Major Space Catalogue projects

LuxLAUNCH projects (opportunity studies - Galileo applications):

Applications and Services on Broadband handheld devices. Standards, specifications & processes for space. Localisation Authority. Lux. testbed with Pseudolites. Machine-to-machine (M2M) satellite communication (energy sector). Media Access Certified System (MACS). ALIDADE - Study & POC on carpooling & open location-based data. MEBOS - management platform optimising bus occupancy based on geo-localisation of buses and travellers.

FP7 projects:

MICE: Tool for systemic risk analysis and secure mediation of data ex-changed across interdependent CI. Liveline: Secure localisation of vulnerable people and their family members. i-Going: indoor positioning through pseudolites network. TREsPASS: Methods (e.g. attack tree) and tools for predicting, evaluating and prioritising attack scenarios on IT infrastructure.

ESA LASP project:

Localisation assurance service provider. Software/service to verify/certify the user’s location. This service was developed in partnership with ESA & the Lux. University.

CIPS SPARC project:

The Space Awareness for Critical Infrastructure project analysed space phenomena (space weather, debris and near Earth objects) as threats for Critical Infra-structures and their direct effect on ground infrastructures, and indirectly, causing failures in space assets, failures propagating at ground level.


Aims at designing, developing and testing tools and methodologies, needed to monitor the Cybersecurity aspects of the Smart Grid Luxembourg (SGL 2.0). It receives funding from the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy.


bIoTope: creating an innovative Systems-of-Systems (SoS) platforms for connected smart objects (IoT). ATENA: Advanced Tools to assEss and mitigate the criticality of ICT compoNents and their dependencies over Critical Infrastructures.

Technical / technological capabilities

TRICK Tester (penetration testing platform). Galileo receiver. GPS repeater.

Main customers / collaborations

EU institutions, financial service providers, energy distributors, ESA, Lux. ministries, etc.

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Dr Carlo Harpes

Creation date



Total: 22
Space: 1

Organisation type



2016 : Total: €1,200,000
Space and other critical infrastructure: €256,000

R&D investments

2016 : €100,000


itrust consulting S.à r.l.
55, rue Gabriel Lippmann
L-6947 Niederanven


Dr Carlo Harpes
Tel: +352 26 176 212

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