Kleos Space

Kleos Space

Core business

Kleos Space has two core business areas:

  • Global-Activity Based Intelligence as a Service (G-ABI Mission)
  • In-Space Manufacturing technology (ISM)

We will operate satellites that generate unique, Activity Based Intelligence and to sell the Data as a Service (DaaS) internationally via subscription to government agencies, the intelligence community, end users and/or businesses interested in locating threats, assets or targets.

The G-ABI multi-sat mission is enabled by patented proprietary technology to manufacture structures in Space, the ISM tech is able to manufacture carbon composite structures of unlimited length has numerous applications.

The 1st Satellite (launch 2019) will collect a unique, complete activity picture of geolocated target radio frequency (RF) data The ability to geolocate using just one satellite is unique. Once operational this first satellite will fund the launch of a low volume constellation.


Products & services

Global-Activity Based Intelligence as a Service (G-ABI):

Our satellite will geolocate any target electronic signals (i.e. without the need for active tracking such as AIS). The data is then analysed, be it from friendly or foreign comms systems, radars or weapon systems, and transform it into actionable Activity Based Intelligence (ABI). ABI is essential that adversaries and targets are no longer nation states and might be only a single individual whose RF signatures are no longer fixed; and motivation illogical. ABI shifts the focus from traditional intelligence reporting to the discovery of the unknown. As mission needs evolve we will refine our technology and grow our constellation to provide affordable and low risk solutions with lower revisit times to the end user.

In-Space Manufacturing Technology:

Our technology provides a method of producing huge carbon composite 3D structures in space. A system has been successfully built and tested under Space conditions. Demonstrating the potential for the production of assemblies, equipment or even buildings from fully cured and consolidated carbon fibre materials, potentially km in length. The 1st application is the G-ABI mission where we are deploying 4x100m booms, due to launch in 2019.


Major Space Catalogue projects

The Kleos ISM Technology has been in development for 8 years under ESA & UK contract, it is now being developed for its first mission with support from the Luxembourg Government. The 1st mission is a Kleos owned an operated micro-satellite to deliver Global-Activity Based Intelligence due to launch in 2019. Kleos will initially launch a single spacecraft with a 5 year operational life. This will immediately provide an operational service and revenues. This spacecraft will provide sub-daily (5-24 hourly) surveillance of the whole globe and demonstrate to end users and channel partners the power of Kleos’ G-ABI and ISM tech.

Technical / technological capabilities

Our satellite will locate radio signals from, for example, satphones, maritime VHF signals & jammers/spoofers. When AIS is switched off it is highly probable that one or more cellphones, walkie-talkies or radar devices will remain on and will continue transmitting. It is these communications that Kleos will exploit. This data set will be compared with positions reported through AIS to provide Activity Based Intelligence (ABI). Kleos will initially launch a single spacecraft with a 5 year operational life. This spacecraft will provide sub-daily surveillance of the whole globe and demonstrate to end users and channel partners the power of Kleos’ data. This ability to locate transmissions with a single satellite is enabled by:

Kleos' patented In-Space Manufacturing (ISM) technology. The new precision robotic technology manufactures 3D elements using a supply of raw materials; carbon fibres and a resin that are processed in a continuous process, producing cured carbon composite elements of extraordinary length. These low mass structures would be impossible to produce on Earth and deploy in Space but by manufacturing in space, many challenges are eliminated. Applications include: Deployment of Telescopes, Sun shields, Star shades, Solar sails, Parabolic reflectors, Solar arrays, Interferometry antennas, Gravity sensors, Radiation sources, Moving Target Indicator Radar tracks, Very Low Frequency communications antennas & Active deorbiting.

ISM Testing

Main customers / collaborations

G-ABI customers include: Regulatory; for management of deliberate and accidental interference, spectrum usage and occupancy mapping over time trending and use patterns. Defence: Tactical and strategic intelligence from monitoring radio environment spectrum use vs civil use conflict resolution, noise and interference monitoring, geolocation of rogue transmitters and jammers. Security: Geolocation of covert wireless infiltration/exfiltration devices, geolocation of rogue transmitters and jammers, Signal classification and verification, global monitoring of unmanned borders, coastlines, harbours and large perimeters. Maritime: Geolocation of vessels – not transmitting AIS, global monitoring of coastal routes.

ISM Technology customers include the space science & exploration community, satellite builders and large systems integrators.

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