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University of Luxembourg SnT

Core business

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) conducts internationally competitive research and PhD education in information and communication technology (ICT) with an emphasis on creating socio-economic impact. Working with public and industry partners, SnT carries a mission to establish Luxembourg as a European centre of excellence for secure, reliable, and trustworthy ICT systems and services. Space-related research features prominently among its strategic priorities, with current projects including work in satellite communications, space resources and space vehicles.

SnT scientists conduct both long-term research and engage in demand-driven projects; an interdisciplinary approach allows them to tackle problems not only from a technical perspective, but also to address organisational, human and legal issues. Through SnT’s Partnership Program, researchers currently work in collaboration with 33 private and public organisations, addressing the key challenges facing industry and the public sector in ICT. Along with the Partnership Program, the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) ensures that SnT is at the heart of efforts to build a vibrant innovation ecosystem in Luxembourg.

SnT has undergone a rapid development since its launch in 2009; recruiting top scientists, launching over 50 EU and ESA projects, protecting and licensing IP, launching four spin-offs, and creating a dynamic interdisciplinary research environment with some 250 people.

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  • Secure and Compliant Data Management
  • FinTech
  • Cyber Security/Resilient Infrastructures
  • Space systems and resources
  • Autonomous Cooperating Vehicles/Vehicular Software and Sensor Systems
  • Smart City/Building/Home

SnT’s priority areas are aligned to objectives in the government’s Digital Lëtzebuerg strategy. Specifically, SnT’s actions address the diversification of the economy, bring research actors closer to areas of important economic activity, strengthen Public–private partnerships (PPP) and increase Luxembourg’s international focus, especially through a greater participation in European programmes.

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Major Space Catalogue projects

  • SES Partnership - Research Program in Satellite Systems
  • SATSENT - SATellite SEnsor NeTworks for spectrum monitoring
  • SeMIGod - SpEctrum Management and Interference GeOlocation in cognitive raDio Satellite networks (Follow-up CO2SAT)
  • SERENADE - Satellite Precoding Hardware Demonstrator
  • SANSA - Shared Access Terrestrial-Satellite Backhaul Network enabled by Smart Antennas
  • DVB-Sx - Novel Ground Components Prototype beyond DVB-Sx for Broad-band Satellite Networks
  • MCPRED - Multi carrier Demonstrator
  • MEO Modem - Modem prototype for MEO Broadband access
  • ONSET - Optical Feeder Study for Satellite Networks
  • OPTIMUS - Optimized Transmission Techniques for SATCOM Unicast Interactive Traffic
  • PreDem - Precoding Demonstrator for broadband system forward links

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Technical / technological capabilities

  • SnT’s laboratory infrastructure allows research techniques to be realised as prototypes, demonstrations, test beds or through proof-of-concept implementations.
  • End-to-end simulators allow performance assessment of new techniques over the whole satellite link. Dedicated simulators as well as the software defined radio platform are used for rapid prototyping.

Main customers / collaborations

Around 70% of SnT’s income stems from competitive research funding and over 80 MEUR external funding has been secured since SnT’s creation.

Through the SnT Partnership Program, large numbers of partners have proved willing to invest in joint research activities, ultimately improving their competitiveness through new and improved services and systems.

SnT partners:

  • Alphonse Weicker Foundation
  • Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat
  • BGL BNP Paribas
  • Creos
  • CTIE
  • Commission nationale pour la protection des données
  • Delphi Automotive
  • Defense department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Eethiq
  • HITEC Luxembourg A.
  • House of Training
  • IEE
  • itrust Consulting
  • LuConnect
  • Luxinnovation
  • LuxSpace Sarl
  • The Ministry of the Economy
  • neXus solutions
  • Olamobile
  • Paul Wurth
  • pEp Security
  • P&T Luxembourg
  • Red Dog Communications A.
  • ROGLER Software GmbH
  • Service central de legislation (SCL)
  • Société Européenne des Satellites (SES)
  • Telindus Luxembourg
  • The City of Luxembourg

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Prof. Björn Ottersten

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Total: 253
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2015 : Total: €16.1 M
Space: €2.2 M

R&D investments

2015 : €5.1 M


Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT)
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