Core business

space4environment is an independently owned SME focusing on adding the environmental dimension to Earth Observation in the land domain, respectively “using space data to provide space for the environment” as expressed in the company’s motto.

space4environment believes that Earth Observation data is a vital asset in today’s need for timely and relevant information on the state and trends of the environment. Nonetheless, just providing mapping or monitoring services and data to customers would not be enough. space4environment aims at adding value to these basic data and contribute to their reporting and decision-making with policy relevant information and knowledge. The company sees its mission as to provide scientifically and technically sound services to bridge from technical know-how to the analysis of what on-going processes and trends mean for the environment. By close cooperation with its customers, space4environment aims at optimising the value of their spatial data and information. Besides user requirements engineering and quality assessment of land related projects, the company focuses on thematic assessments in support of European environmental policies (e.g. Biodiversity Strategy 2020 and its targets, land resource efficiency, mapping of ecosystems and their services, sustainable cities as priority objective of the 7th Environmental Action Programme).

Products & services

EO data processing

  • Satellite image processing & analysis
  • Land use / land cover mapping / change mapping
  • Orthophoto interpretation
  • Digital cartography

GI operations

  • Database design, analysis and software development
  • Database management and quality control
  • Spatial modelling

Geodata provision and distribution

  • space4environment is official distributor and value added reseller of Eurogeographics data

Environmental services

  • MAES – Mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services
  • Green infrastructure
  • Urban environmental assessments
  • Environmental policy monitoring and assessment
  • Land resource efficiency
  • Solar panel inspections

Management and consultancy

  • Requirements analysis
  • GI project consultancy
  • Project definition and supervision

Major Space Catalogue projects

  • COPERNICUS – Quality assessment of land related mapping products (e.g. high resolution layers, Urban Atlas), support to improved product specifications
  • ESA – EO data in support of the City Biodiversity Index
  • ESA – Land Information System Luxembourg
  • ESA – Mapping of (illegal) extractions of sand and gravel along the Danube River
  • ESA – Mapping of small linear landscape features (hedges, tree rows)
  • ESA – Hyperspec – user requirement for a new hyperspectral sensor
  • Corine Land Cover 2000, 2006 & 2012 Luxembourg
  • Eurostat – Stratification of the LUCAS 2018 mastergrid
  • HELM – Development of a future oriented land monitoring concept
  • Very high resolution mapping of buildings and artificial surfaces in Luxembourg
  • Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystem Services (MAES) for Luxembourg

catalogue-space-2016 catalogue-space-2016-2

Main customers / collaborations

International organisations

  • European Commission (DG Environment, Eurostat, ESPON)
  • European Environment Agency (EEA)
  • European Space Agency (ESA – ESRIN)
  • Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)
  • National Parks Board of Singapore (SN)

Luxembourg organisations

  • Ministère du Développement durable et des Infrastructures
  • Département de l’aménagement du territoire
  • Département de l’environnement
  • LuxSpace
  • Foersom Sàrl

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Stefan Kleeschulte

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2016 : Total: €600,000
Space: €400,000


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Stefan Kleeschulte
Tel: +352 26 71 41 35
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