SPARC Industries

SPARC Industries

Core business

Our core business is based on our core skills as experts in the field of plasma physics and technologies. We provide consultancy support to our clients – be it in the context of technologies under development, or to extend the clients’ product and service portfolios for future business and competitiveness. Our target markets are space (predominantly satellite propulsion) and non-space (predominantly surface treatment process at low pressures as well as microflow technologies).

We plan to extend our core business in the coming years by developing our own highly innovative plasma-based satellite propulsion system (targeting satellite classes with large unit numbers where simpler and cheaper sub-systems are a major requirement), as well as a plasma simulation software for rarefied gas and plasma flows.

Products & services

Within our R&D service we offer our core expertise for engineering and scientific consultancy. This includes performing simulations with tools that perfectly match the requirements – including our unique plasma simulation tool for high Knudsen number gas and plasma flows. Our gas and plasma simulation tool developed in-house is used to simulate very energetic gas flows at very low densities (where standard flow simulation tools (CFD/MHD) fail in reproducing physics accurately due to invalid assumptions).

In the next 2 years we will bring our plasma simulation tool to market, and within 5 years we plan to be market ready with our plasma based satellite propulsion technology.


Major Space Catalogue projects

  1. Development of a new plasma-based satellite propulsion thruster.
  2. Extension of the existing plasma simulation tool to Hall Effect Thruster physics and automated parameter variations.

Technical / technological capabilities

Number crunching servers and a plasma flow simulation tool developed in-house.

Main customers / collaborations

R&D service in the non-space sector: Players in the thin film, semiconductor and other industrial sectors (e.g. PE-PVD (Plasma Enhanced Physical Vapour Deposition), PE-CVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition), PE-ALD (Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition), sputtering and vacuum plasma spraying).

Users of our plasma simulation software: Scientific entities with a focus on space research and developers of plasma-based satellite propulsion systems.

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