Space Resources

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Similar to the private broadcasting and satellite communications visions formulated decades ago and successfully implemented by the Grand-Duchy, the initiative launched in February 2016 is a next step in the government’s continued efforts to further develop the national space sector. This initiative defines an overall framework to promote and support the exploration and commercial utilisation of resources from ‘celestial bodies’ such as asteroids or from the moon.

The identification and utilization of space resources is fast becoming a reality, driven by a revolution in space technology, accelerating exploration of outer space and the eventual scarcity of certain resources on Earth. Building on its long history at the forefront of the commercial satellite communications industry, Luxembourg aims to play a leading role in the exploration and utilization of these resources.

Its goal is to ensure that space resources explored under its jurisdiction serve a peaceful purpose, are gathered and used in a sustainable manner compatible with international law and for the benefit of humankind. Luxembourg’s vision is built on support for advanced research activities and technological capabilities, drawing on the country’s existing expertise in the space sector and its ongoing strategy of economic diversification into future-oriented high-tech industries.

In the years to come, the focus on space resources exploration and utilization will generate attractive opportunities in Luxembourg for established and start-up players in areas including materials science, additive manufacturing, remote sensing, communications, robotics, data analytics and artificial intelligence.


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