Core business

Development and application of components, modules, compressors and systems for vehicle air conditioning  and engine cooling

Products and services

  • Complete HVAC systems, condensers, evaporators, storage evaporators and evaporator coatings, heater cores, blowers, air vents and fragrancing units. Control panels for passenger car and commercial vehicle air conditioning systems. Cooling plates and chillers for lithium-ion battery cooling
  • Cooling modules, expansion tanks, high- and low-temperature radiators, exhaust gas coolers, direct and indirect charge air coolers, power steering oil coolers. VISCO® clutches and fans as well as VISCO® coolant pumps for commercial vehicle applications
  • Wax elements, thermostat inserts, integral thermostats, housing thermostats, operating map thermostats, bypass thermostats, transmission oil thermostats, water valves, thermoswitches, coolant regulators, oil temperature regulators and inserts, sleeve valve thermostat inserts (since October 2014)
  • Compressor
  • Variable / fixed compressor (clutch / clutchless
  • Heat exchangers for stationary applications

Production locations with key production technologies 

Production sites across Europe

Development locations with key development / technological capabilities 

  • Stuttgart – Europe (A/C System – EGR Cooling)
  • Luxembourg –  Europe (A/C System – Compressor – EGR Cooling)
  • Troy / Lockport / Amherst – US (A/C System – Compressor – EGR Cooling)
  • Rouffach – France (A/C Modules)

Test locations, test facilities, test equipment

  • Stuttgart – Europe
  • Luxembourg – Europe
  • Troy / Lockport  / Amherst – US
  • Rouffach – France

Main customers / collaborations 

All vehicle manufacturers worldwide and non-automotive customers. Co-operations with main universities and public and private research institutions.


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CEO/Head of department (or similar)*

Didier Varloteaux / Felipe Astorri

Creation Year of your Company 

Large Enterprise



Turnover 2014

€ 3.276M

Trading area 


International locations 

  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • Asia, Far East
  • Asia, South East & Oceania



33, rue du Puits Romain
L-8070 Bertrange


Jean Bemtgen
Tel : 2700 4720


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