Core business

  • Experimental soft matter physics, fundamental and applied, with strongly interdisciplinary character.
  • Materials in focus: colloids, liquid crystals, polymer solutions, nanoparticle suspensions.
  • Expertise in polarizing microscopy, ordered fluids and topological defects, physics and chemistry of self-assembly, thermodynamics of phase transitions.

Major material / Production technologies projects

In our applied research we target tomorrow’s soft, flexible, light-weight high-performance and responsive materials, currently with three main foci: wearable technology (sensors, adaptive textiles), soft robotics (soft actuators) and bioinspired nanocomposites (construction by self-assembly).

Technical/technological capabilities

Optical microscopy, microfluidics, electrospinning, ultrasound processing, dielectric spectroscopy.

Main customers/collaborations

Collaborations with universities in Europe, USA, South Korea and Japan, interacting with scientists, artists and architects. Industry collaboration with Merck (UK).

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