OCSiAl Europe

OCSiAl Europe

Core business

OCSiAl produces high purity SWCNT – TUBALL – single wall carbon nanotubes – on an industrial scale. OCSiAl’s current 50tpa production capacity is scheduled to grow to 800pa in 2020 and 3000tpa in 2022.

Products & services

TUBALL is temperature resistant (up to 1000°C), strong (100 x stronger than steel), conductive (5 x lighter than copper). While 1g cover two basketball courts, TUBALLtm G/D ratio is > 70. A 3D Network of TUBALL @ loading rates of less than 0,1% in a matrix provides conductivity, improves properties, and gives the opportunity for coloring. Substituting conventional additive systems achieve significant yield gains and matrix material enhancements.


Major Materials & Manufacturing projects

TUBALL enhances 70% of all materials, amongst which plastics, rubbers, metals, glass, construct ion mate rials, providing substantial property enhancements, while reducing matrix usage per unit produced. We provide markets with various delivery forms of TUBALL – powder, suspensions, masterbatches – depending on carriers, processes, and properties required in a given application.

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OCSiAl Europe

Use less, do more, do it better


Konstantin Notman

Creation date

January 2009



Organisation type



OCSiAl Europe Sarl
1, rue de la Poudrerie
3364 Leudelange


Christoph Siara
Director Sales and Marketing
+352 2 799 0373


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